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Lifestyle , October 7, 2012

I’ve got to say, taking photos of a 3 year old is no easy task. Babies just sit around, maybe roll or crawl; but once a kid can run it becomes a whole new ball game. At the same time, I love it! I love seeing them in their natural surroundings, I love the natural playfulness, I just love capturing kids being kids.

When Melissa and Andrew contacted me to shoot their wedding, they weren’t interested in an engagement shoot, but when I mentioned a family shoot with both of them plus their son Caleb, they were ecstatic! A perfect alternative. Their wedding just passed last weekend and it was fantastic (photos to come shortly). But for now, let’s see this family one week before the big day.

I took a little drive out to Huntingdon, Quebec to meet with Melissa, Andrew, & Caleb. Huntingdon is a bit of a drive from the city out into, what I like to refer to as, farmland. I’m a city guy, so I don’t get to venture this far out too often, but I loved the scenic drive through quaint little towns bursting with character. Speaking of character, Andrew’s old family house was a step above. The property was amazing! I can only imagine what it would have been like to grow up there. Anyways, ignore this city slicker’s ramblings and have a look.

Huntingdon Ormstown Montreal Wedding Photography

Huntingdon Ormstown Montreal Wedding Photography

I did not pose this kid. Caleb just sat down in the most perfect “model-like” position. I couldn’t take a bad photo of him!

Huntingdon Montreal Wedding Photography

Ormstown Montreal Wedding Photography

Huntingdon Wedding Photography

Huntingdon Ormstown Montreal Photography

Montreal Wedding Photography

Huntingdon Ormstown Montreal family Photography

Huntingdon Montreal family Photography

Huntingdon family session Photography

family session in Huntingdon

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