Reema + Joe | Day 2 : Head Over Heels

International Weddings , December 17, 2012

Just last week I introduced Reema and Joe with the first day of their wedding double header. Now we move on to day 2 with their big Italian wedding!

Unlike the previous day, we had the opportunity to shoot some creative portraits in Kleinburg, a cute little town north of Toronto. Colourful leaves and antique houses made for the perfect backdrop. We were also able to squeeze in some photos with the entire bridal … largest bridal party I’ve had so far!

The day ended at Riviera Parque for the reception, where things started to get a little wild, haha. It was the first time I saw the tradition of greeting guests with a shot of liqueur. It immediately livened everyone up and created a fun atmosphere. I instantly knew it was going to be a wild night. Here are some of my favourites:

Toronto Montreal Wedding Photographer Indian Hindi Riviera Parque Woodbridge Kleinburg

 Pamela Brij and Mindy Bharji of BeautyBliss Wedding Photographer

 Pamela Brij and Mindy Bharji of BeautyBliss

Toronto indian henna Wedding Photographer

indian italian wedding photography

Kleinburg creative couple photo session

doctors house wedding photography Kleinburg

Kleinburg doctors house wedding photography

Kleinburg creative fall wedding photography

Toronto Montreal Wedding Photographer Indian Hindi Riviera Parque Woodbridge Kleinburg

Kleinburg fine art wedding photography

Kleinburg wedding photography

Toronto Wedding Photographer richmond hill catholic church

Toronto Montreal Wedding Photographer Indian Hindi Riviera Parque Woodbridge Kleinburg

Toronto Wedding Photographer catholic church

Toronto orthodox church wedding Wedding Photographer

Toronto italian christian ceremony Wedding Photographer

Toronto Wedding ceremony Photographer italian

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Kaveri Kollections anju bridal party wedding photographer

Kaveri Kollections anju wedding photography

Toronto indian italian bridal party Kaveri Kollections photography

Toronto indian hindu bridal party photos

Kaveri Kollections Toronto Indian Hindi bridal party photos

CC_Creations The Diar Collection diana d'silva

The Diar Collection diana d'silva

As I mentioned in the previous post, Joe was a huge WWF wrestling fan. Naturally, Joe had a brilliant idea for the bridal party’s grand entrance … WWF character entrances (Razer Ramon, Shawn Michaels, etc.). Joe got to be his favourite character.

Riviera Parque Woodbridge bridal party entrance

Toronto Riviera Parque Woodbridge first dance

Toronto Wedding Photographer Indian Hindi

woodbridge Riviera Parque wedding photographer

Riviera Parque Woodbridge reception

Riviera Parque Woodbridge wedding

Toronto Riviera Parque Woodbridge speeches

Ketan followed his stunning performance on Day 1 with another show, including some Gangnam Style, which I got on video (stay tuned to my facebook page to see it).

Toronto Woodbridge wedding photographer

indian hindu wedding photographer

A friend of Reema does a great apple juggling show … I guess you had to be there, haha.

Wedding Photographer Riviera Parque Woodbridge

Toronto couples dancing Photographer

Toronto first dance wedding photography


Congrats to Reema and Joe! It was great being a part of the huge (and lengthy) celebrations. I had a fantastic time and I can’t wait to see you both again! Long live the 80’s!!!!!!!

Photographer: James Paul Correia Photography (assisted by Andrew Ho)

Venue: Danny Boni of Riviera Parque Banquet Hall

Videographer: Eugene Lo of Cinematic Weddings. Check out their fantastic video of the pre-wedding events

Hair & Makeup: Pamela Brij and Mindy Bharji of BeautyBliss

Florist: Fancy Florists

Decorator: Diana D’Silva of The Diar Collections

Wedding Cake: Cathy of CC Creations

DJ: Silvio Carnavale of National Entertainment Group

Brides Wedding/Reception Outfit: Bunty of Blue Peacok

Bridesmaids/ Groomsmen Outfits: Anju of Kaveri Kollections

Groom’s Outfit: Harry Rosen

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Ashley A-Photo
07:51 December 17, 2012

Wondeful job James. And the picture of the couple kissing on the dancefloor- one of my favorites. Just beautiful!


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