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Saturday, August 28, 2010


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The Post-Graduate Society at McGill had a Nature Photo Contest. I naturally decided “meh, why not.” All I had to do was email a photo, which made things easy. Since it was a ‘Nature’ photo contest I immediately knew there would a ton of submissions of flowers, sunsets, and cute animals. I was absolutely right. And a lot of them were from other countries like the African Safari. I wanted to send something less typical. So I sent a picture of a pigeon at union station. No cute animal and no exotic locale. I thought the judges might appreciate that … and they did. I got second place. First place was a very nice black and white photo of the park on the top of Mont-Royal. The only black and white photo in submission, which I think the judges also appreciated.

The Prize? Eco-friendly home cleaning products. By that I mean a ziplock bag with homemade laundry detergent and a spray bottle of vinegar mixed with lemon juice.


PS. I don’t like it when the room smells like vinegar after I clean my dinner table.

Montreal Photographer - Photo Contest Entry

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