Saturday, February 13th, 2016

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I watch a ton of movies, both good and bad … I’m addicted to ice cream, especially vanilla Hageen-Daaz … I love sleeping over 10 hours a day … I don’t like the cold … I want to visit every continent … Antarctica doesn’t count … I can’t stand clutter … I’m a geek, but geeks are cool now, right? … I have a wonderful wife … who is scared of my camera because I take too many photos of her … I’m told I have too many basketball shoes … I think they are wrong … I remember too many useless facts … poor customer service drives me crazy … I like eating new and interesting things … I like eating things that are bad for me … I’m a slow eater …  sometimes I think babies are so cute I want to eat them … is that wrong?

My name is James Correia, no I don’t usually use the Paul, but it does make me feel more sophisticated :) I’m currently based in Montreal, but have strong roots in Toronto where family and friends keep reminding me to come back. I cheer for the Habs …… out of fear for my life. haha, I’m kidding …………… partially.

Not too long ago I was walking down the aisle, looking spiffy in my Tux and Jordans, marrying my greatest friend and love of my life. Looking back at that day I realize how much I treasure the photographs I have, and their importance to me will only grow with time. To me, the power of a photograph is not that it reminds you of how things looked, but more so of how you felt. I like to take photographs, but I LOVE to take photographs of people. I love to tell a story with my photos, of both the events and the emotions of the day. I want you to be able to look at your photographs when you’re 60 years old and remember what you were thinking at that moment.

So let’s meet up and chat over some coffee, or preferably ice cream, and talk about photography, movies, food, travel, and anything else.

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